About us:


The handmade accessories by Filoplume look like candies in a candyshop. They will put a smile on your face because they are made with love, in lots of colors only with the finest materials. These original eye catchers add a touch of sass to anyone's outfit!


The persons behind this popular brand are Cathy and Rosita who are also the designers. Their enthusiasm and love for accessories are very vivid in these little pieces of art, that are made in a workshop in Bali.

At this small, pleasant workshop the production is being done by people with excellent skills, with love for their profession. A pleasant work environment is key at this workshop which is very important to both Rosita and Cathy. This combination of beautiful craftsmanship and a enjoyable work environment makes Filoplume so special and easy to love.


The colorful and playful accessories of Filoplume are a real must have for young and the young at heart!